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OneSumX NILS solutions combine proven technology, regulatory content and the expertise of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. Timely and relevant data, intuitive research, and powerful search tools provide the ideal solution to improve productivity and reduce non-compliance risks. OneSumX NILS is part of the OneSumX ecosystem of complementary and comprehensive solutions and services to help you better manage the intersection of governance, finance, risk and compliance.

OneSumX for Operational Compliance
OneSumX NILS Claims(formerly AuthenticWeb for Claims)
OneSumX NILS State Filing(formerly AuthenticWeb for State Filing)
OneSumX NILS Contract Provisions(formerly AuthenticWeb for Contract Provisions)
OneSumX NILS Cancellation & Nonrenewal(formerly AuthenticWeb for Cancellation & Nonrenewal)
OneSumX for Regulatory Intelligence & Research
OneSumX NILS INsource(formerly NILS INsource)
OneSumX NILS XML Feed(formerly NILS INsource XML Feed)
OneSumX NILS Matrices(formerly AuthenticWeb Matrices)
OneSumX NILS Market Conduct – Property & Casualty(formerly ComplianceWare)
OneSumX NILS Market Conduct – Life & Health(formerly NILS INsource Market Conduct Module)
OneSumX NILS Case Law(formerly NILS INsource Case Law Module)


The CPM Edge: Why Compliance Program Management Is Right For You

(Published April 11, 2017) Compliance failures during regulatory exams can come from a variety of sources, whether it’s incomplete requirements knowledge, a broken regulatory change management process, or just inefficient policies and procedures. This whitepaper details how an all-encompassing “Compliance Program Management” system can help you address such gaps, and ultimately achieve regulatory readiness and accountability across your organization.


OneSumX NILS INsource

Insurance organizations today face a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. As of April, 122,747 bills were introduced this year, 8%  of which are Insurance specific. OneSumX NILS INsource is a web-based regulatory research tool designed exclusively for the insurance compliance professional. Find out more information about OneSumX NILS INsource.